The Unsurpassed Nature of Canada: Five Interesting Fun Facts About Nature

Before you think that Canada only has its cold temperatures and tourist spots to offer, we would like to remind you just how amazing nature is in the country.

A quarter of the planet’s wetlands and boreal forests belong to Canada. Not to mention, its borders have three out of four of the world’s oceans.

Here, you’ll also find a coastline long enough to take you more than four years to walk. Plus, amazing wildlife roams freely.

Let’s talk more about Canada’s unsurpassed nature and try to comprehend just how beautiful its environment is.

Be ready for amazing facts!

The National Parks of Canada that are Bigger than Most Countries

Discover Canada's unparalleled nature with five fascinating fun facts about its national parks, some larger than countries.
Discover Canada’s unparalleled nature with five fascinating fun facts about its national parks, some larger than countries.

As the world’s fourth largest country, it shouldn’t be a surprise just how big their national parks can get.

But when you hear that these parks are often bigger than most countries, it’s really hard not to be in awe.

The biggest park in the country is the Wood Buffalo National Park, which takes up 44,807 km2 of Canada’s land.

Now, these numbers may not mean much to you. But if you break it down, this only means that this park is bigger than the 74 countries in the world, from Denmark to Monaco.

10% of the World’s Forest Cover is From the Country

If you ever find yourself seeking wildlife exposure, remember that Canada’s forests will never disappoint.

I mean, just imagine finding 10% of the world’s forest cover in one country and then finding out that 30% of the world’s boreal forest belongs to this country as well.

We’re talking about 396.9 million hectares full of bears, wolves, deer, mountain lions, beavers, bighorn sheep, and so much more.

Canada is Home to Unbelievable Spans of Bodies of Water

And if the country has 10% of the world’s forest cover, it also has 20% of the planet’s fresh water.

Canada has a record of having more lakes than the rest of the world combined! Basically, it has over two million lakes, with a quarter of them spanning more than 100 km2.

Ontario’s Lake Huron is already 59,600 km2, which means it is bigger than the entirety of Croatia. It also contains Lake Superior, which is the second-biggest lake in the whole world!

And when it comes to coastlines, Canada boasts the world’s longest coastline that is 243,000 kilometres long and is spread over 52 thousand islands.

There is a Version of the Dead Sea in Canada

The famous Dead Sea of the Middle East is an unbelievably buoyant body of water that makes it impossible for you to sink. With high salt content and high densities, it surely is an experience.

But just like the Middle East, Canada has the Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan, which is of great similarity. We’re talking about 13.3 km2 of water with mineral salt and extreme buoyancy.

What makes this even better is that tourists can swim in Little Manitou Lake and experience just how much the lake can lift them up.

Canada Can Get as Cold as Mars

The temperatures of Mars’ surfaces and craters often come close to Canada’s winter weather.

In 1947, a record of 81.4 degrees Fahrenheit (27.44 °C) was recorded in Snag, Yukon, which was an exact match to Mars’ 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27.22 °C) surface.

And in 2017, Canada had a freezing surge forcing the cancelation of multiple major events, including flights. Most places were 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.67 °C), and some even reached 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.44°C). In comparison to Mars’ -20 degrees record, this is a pretty good match.