The 6 Canadian Cities for Must Visit and What to See in Them

Know where you’ll be spending your days in the country yet?

If not, allow us to make a few suggestions. We’ll attempt to capture your heart with these six beautiful cities!

Churchill, Manitoba: Free Roaming Polar Bears

Encounter free-roaming polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.
Encounter free-roaming polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.

It’s not every day you get to see polar bears. Further, you definitely don’t get to see them roaming freely so often, either.

But in Churchill, Manitoba, these polar bears play around freely every day. Named the Polar Bear Capital of the World, you can now book a trip to the city and see tons of them just running around!

Don’t worry; seeing about 50 polar bears isn’t the only thing you’ll be doing in Churchill. It is definitely a treat for your eyes as it is full of lakes, rivers, mountains, prairies, and forests.

Niagara Falls, Ontario: The Famous Niagara Falls

Seeing the highest or widest waterfalls in the world may be a nice experience. Hence, seeing the falls of Niagara will always be worthwhile.

The Niagara Falls isn’t only famous for its exposure to big events and blockbuster films. Instead, it also produces the largest water flow rate possible for a waterfall.

The tourist spot has multiple activities you may partake in, and the location is surrounded by restaurants serving delicious food that matches the view.

And in case you don’t know, Niagara Falls is actually a city name. It isn’t just a reference to a majestic waterfall.

Whitehorse, Yukon: The Northern Lights

Almost everyone has heard about the beautiful Northern Lights at some point in their lives.

But what is it exactly?

Canada’s Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is a natural phenomenon occurring in the sky. These are surreal colourful dancing waves of light; definitely not something to miss!

Northern Lights sightings usually happen around December to March. Paired with the beautiful scenery and chilly breeze of the winter, the Northern Lights are surely dreamy.

Quebec City, Quebec: Old City of Romance

Visit Canada’s 400-year-old city filled with stone walls, cathedrals, and cafés—Quebec.

The vibe of this city can make you fall in love. Hence, it is exactly why it is a popular spot for weddings and anniversaries.

The lights, atmosphere, and population in Quebec somehow make it seem like a Las Vegas dream. Therefore, it may only make you miss their casino-filled streets.

But we guarantee you that their cozy inns, adorable pastries, and beautiful architecture will make you feel just how much love is in the air.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia: A Charming and Picturesque Port Town

Vivid colours, calm bodies of water, and relaxing scenery fill the beautiful city of Nova Scotia. Surely, nothing is more charming than its beauty that complements a rich history.

One of the histories we talk of when we hear Nova Scotia is the Fairview Land Cemetery or as people like to call it, the Titanic Graveyard. Yes, that’s right! In this land lie hundreds of victims of the Titanic’s sinking.

Pier 21 is also an amazing place to spend the day in. It is a museum filled with the history of the old Pier 21, which was known as a gateway for all immigrants and ocean liners back in the day.

Toronto, Ontario: The Cosmopolitan World

And if you ever find yourself full of nature-filled experiences and sceneries, you will always be welcome to the city of Toronto.

With its buildings, lights, and urban life, Toronto is pretty much Canada’s version of New York. Nonetheless, Toronto is only smaller and tidier.

From here, you may see amazing views of the CN Tower, which is the world’s tallest freestanding structure after Burj Khalifa.

And if you’re more of an artistic cosmopolitan, the Royal Ontario Museum is worth a visit. It’s home to those who wish to hear the story of Canada’s culture and history. Therefore, it’s the perfect educational experience without being boring.