Explore Canada And Learn About its Flawless Beauty

Planning a trip to Canada?

Or have you just recently learned just how much beauty this country holds?

Whichever it may be, you’ve come to the right place. Because in this article, we’ll talk about everything Canada related and try our best to convince you to visit!

Interesting Facts About Canada

If you’re looking for compelling reasons to plan a memorable trip in Canada, below are some things you must know.

The Temperature in Canada is Almost as Cold as Mars

Want to experience a temperature out of this world?

The city of Yukon once had a freezing -63 Celsius temperature record on the 3rd of February1947. Temperatures like these match the surfaces of Mars and make any country’s winter a summer vacation!

Canada is More Than Twice the Size of the European Union

With Canada’s 9.985 million km² land size, you’ll never run out of places to go during a vacation. For reference, the size of the European Union area is 4.233 million km².

More so, Canada is half as big as Russia, which is only the biggest country on the planet. And it’s 18 million times bigger than the world’s smallest country, The Vatican.

Canada’s National Parks is the Size of Most Countries

And if you still haven’t caught up on just how big the country is, we’ll have you know that Canada’s national parks make other countries look like dwarfs!

One of the best examples is the Nahanni National Park Reserve which spans 30,050 square kilometres. That’s pretty much bigger than both Albania and Israel.

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Canada has 67% More Oil than Russia

Russia may have won as the biggest country, but it’s Canada who holds the title for more oil reserves!

Canada has more than 70% of the world’s accessible barrels of oil the world is recorded to have.

10% of the World’s Forests can be Found in Canada

Are you an avid bird watcher? Or do you have a heart for the forests and their wildlife?

Canada’s abundance of trees and 396.9 million hectares of vast land is mostly publicly owned. And it’s home to approximately 30% of the world’s total forest cover.

Canada has the Most Lakes and the Longest Coastline in the World

Discover Canada's flawless beauty with countless lakes and extensive coastline.
Discover Canada’s flawless beauty with countless lakes and extensive coastline.

Three of the world’s oceans — the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific border the country, so it would take you almost five years to walk through their entirety!

The country also has the record for the most surface area covered by lakes in the entire world.

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Don’t Miss Out on Summer

While most prefer to visit the country for its freezing weather, most regret not being around for the summer. Summer in the country only lasts for 79 days, and that’s what makes it fantastic.

Prices Don’t Include Taxes

This is a topic that most people who travel to Canada do not know, and that’s a big mistake.

Everyone knows it’s costly in the country, but it’s important to note that the sticker prices on each item are pretty much their “raw price.” Computing the added tax to the sticker price is a reflex to Canadians.

The Canadian Etiquette

Although some may view this as a stereotype, Canadians are and will always be sweet as their maple syrup.

Everyone is nice, polite, and kind, regardless of whether you’re someone they know or not. They have the hobby of apologizing for even the smallest things and saying kind words like “excuse me” and “please.

We view this as an extremely adorable behaviour that all tourists should adapt to during their stay.