Best Hockey Arenas in Canada

Canada, known as the homeland of ice hockey, is a place where the passion for this winter sport reaches new heights. The country is famous for its magnificent hockey arenas, each with its own unique charm and history.

Whether you love hockey or are just planning to visit the country, it can definitely be worth knowing about these. Many of them are also very sightworthy, so it can be worth knowing about even if you’re just a tourist in the country in general.

In this article, we will explore some of the best hockey arenas in Canada and what makes them so special. You will learn more about the six most remarkable arenas in the country.

Hockey Arenas
Hockey Arenas

1. Bell Centre

One of Canada’s most famous hockey arenas is Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec. This arena is home to the Montreal Canadiens and has a capacity of over 21,000 spectators. Bell Centre is one of the loudest and most passionate arenas in the NHL. Its iconic atmosphere and its location in the heart of Montreal make it a must-visit for hockey fans.

If there’s one arena to know in Canada, it’s undoubtedly Bell Center. It’s a majestic building, and the arena was built back in 1996, so it has seen a lot since its construction and is an incredibly important part of Canada, not least because of the significance of hockey for the country.

2. Scotiabank Saddledome

Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, is an arena with a rich history. It is home to the hockey teams Calgary Flames (NHL), Calgary Hitmen (WHL), and Calgary Roughnecks (NLL) and is characterized by its unique appearance with a saddle-shaped roof. With a capacity of over 19,000 spectators, this is one of the most atmospheric arenas in the country.

In total, the arena is very large with its 474,000 square feet, so it is truly a huge arena. In our list, it is the oldest arena, but only the second largest. The arena was built back in 1983, so it has been around for quite some time. The arena is versatile and is an indoor arena, so it is used for more than just hockey, although hockey is what it is most famous for.

3. Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena in Vancouver is known for its spectacular views of the mountains and the sea. It is home to the Vancouver Canucks and has a capacity of over 18,000 people. This arena offers a unique environment for sports and is a favorite among both locals and tourists.

The arena is home to the teams Vancouver Canucks (NHL), Vancouver Warriors (NLL), and Vancouver Titans (OWL). It was built in 1995 and is not the oldest, but one of the older arenas in the country. It is also the third-largest arena in the country, which is not surprising considering how many people the arena can accommodate.

4. Scotiabank Arena

Scotiabank Arena in Toronto is another of Canada’s pride. It is home to the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Toronto Raptors (NBA), Toronto Rock (NLL), Toronto Phantoms (AFL), and has hosted many historic moments in hockey. The arena holds over 18,000 spectators and offers a modern and comfortable experience for all visitors.

The arena covers a total of 665,000 square feet and is therefore the fourth largest in the country and has enormous significance for obvious reasons. The arena was built in 1999, so it is one of the “newer” arenas on our list.

5. Canadian Tire Centre

In the heart of Canada’s capital, Ottawa, you will find the Canadian Tire Centre. This arena is home to the hockey team Ottawa Senators. In total, the arena accommodates more than 17,000 spectators and covers a total of 600,000 square feet, making it the fifth largest arena in the country.

The arena has a modern design and looks more like an arena as most people imagine arenas. It was built in 1996 and is therefore as old as several other arenas on our list. It is also an arena where there is much more, such as restaurants, cafes, gift shops for hockey fans, and there is even a hotel on site.

6. Rogers Place

Rogers Place, located in Alberta, is one of the newer arenas in the country and is definitely the newest on our list, as it was built as recently as 2006 and is therefore not even twenty years old. It accommodates just over 18,000 spectators and is used for more than just hockey. It is also used for basketball and various music concerts.

It is the city of Edmonton where the arena is located that owns it, and the entire construction cost a total of 604.5 million Canadian dollars, so it was not a cheap construction. The arena is home to the teams Edmonton Oilers (NHL) and Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL).

In Conclusion About Hockey Arenas in Canada

There is no shortage of hockey arenas in Canada, which is hardly surprising given the sport’s importance to the country. Many of these arenas are similar in size, at least when looking at the five or six largest in the country; most can accommodate around 18-19,000 spectators. However, the total size of the arenas can vary depending on what else the arena is used for.

If you are a hockey enthusiast, it is definitely worth visiting one or more of these arenas, but there may be reasons to know about them even if you are not a hockey fan. Several of the arenas we have looked at now are used for a variety of other purposes, from other sports to concerts and other events taking place in the country.